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Please note this is a pre-order. The book should be released in April – however your payment will be taken immediately upon completion of your order

Spotlight on HorrorWe Belong Dead is very proud to announce the latest title in our best selling range of books. A companion piece to our A Century of Horror book (which is still available – click here), Spotlight on Horror: Classics of the Cinefantastique features another stunning Graham Humphreys cover. Looking at 160 classic and influencial movies that have defined the genre over the last 100 years we travel from the silents to the present day. Each film is looked at in detail and the book will be profusely illustrated with hundreds of photographs, posters and lobby cards each page in full glorious cover.

This will be a strictly limited edition of 500 and we are putting it up for pre order so you can ensure your copy before it sells out.

Publication date is April but we expect this to be one of our best sellers. If you have bought any of our previous books, 70s Monster Memories, Unsung Horrors, Son of Unsung Horrors, A Celebration of Peter Cushing, A Century of Horror or our latest Rondo nominated Into the Velvet Darkness:A Celebration of Vincent Price, you will know what to expect. These books really are a dream come true for fans and collectors alike. Help us keep the classics alive by supporting our efforts. It is a real labour of love from our talented team of writers and artists, so place your order now.

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