From Gothic Chills to Cult TV Thrills

The Baker and Berman Story

Andrew Llewellyn - Editor Darrell Buxton

Baker and Berman CoverIn the British film-making landscape of the 1950s, Tempean Films was a company with a hard-earned reputation for reliably producing efficient B-movie-style supporting features of the mystery-thriller variety. Formed in 1948 by Robert Sydney Baker and Nestor Montague Berman, this prolific company would enjoy great success due to their astute business sense and distributive association with Eros Films. The cultural shift effected by the ‘Hammer Horror’ sensation that began in 1957 led Baker and Berman to move into the gothic horror and science fiction market, taking them into the realms of the A-feature and the ‘X’ certificate, resulting in a sequence of features in this particular vein. After reasonable success in this area, the duo moved into producing TV shows such as The Saint and other cult ITC projects in the latter part of their partnership. These slickly produced, small-screen enterprises changed the face of television forever and this book tells the entire story of Baker and Berman’s career as film and television producers, and of the legacy they created.


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